AUV Design and Development for Deep Sea Mining (Polymetallic Nodules)


This Paper will provide information about underwater robot technology and its application for the mining process in the deep sea ocean.This article first discusses why polymetric Nodules are important in the emerging field of Energy sector and Metallurgy sector. Then it discusses the types of Autonomous UnderWater Vehicle and its application for operations. Additionally, it discusses three types of AUV.If you are looking to Early 1950s you can see the development of ROVs for military applications. They are now widely used in the offshore oil and gas sector and other industries and are being developed for deep-sea mining. AUV technology has progressed rapidly in recent years and AUVs, including sub-sea gliders, are now emerging from their original role in oceanographic research finding growing uses in the defense and offshore energy sectors.


Arijit Biswas ((M.Tech in Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering , IIT Kharagpur))